Economic consequences of reproductive performance in dairy cattle

Economic consequences of reproductive performance in dairy cattle,10.1016/j.theriogenology.2010.04.008,Theriogenology,C. Inchaisri,R. Jorritsma,P. L.

Economic consequences of reproductive performance in dairy cattle   (Citations: 3)
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The net economic value of reproductive efficiency in dairy cattle was estimated using a stochastic dynamic simulation model. The objective was to compare the economic consequences of reproductive performance scenarios (“average” and “poor”) of a cow having a good reproductive performance and to explore which reproductive factors have an important impact on economic efficiency. A “good” reproductive performance scenario was defined with 1 ovulation rate (POVUi), 0.7 estrus detection rate (PEst), 0.7 conception rate (PCon), 0.03 incidence rate of postpartum disorders prolonging the ovarian cyclicity (CO), 0.2 incidence rate of postpartum disorders reducing conception (ME), 0.05 embryonic death rate (ED), and voluntary waiting period (VWP) of 9 wks pp (post partum). In the current situation of dairy cows in the Netherlands, an “average” reproductive scenario (0.95 POVUi, 0.5 PEst, 0.5 Pcon, 0.07 CO, 0.27 ME, 0.07 ED and VWP of 12 wks pp) and a “poor” reproductive scenario (0.90 POVUi, 0.3 PEst, 0.3 Pcon, 0.11 CO, 0.33 ME, 0.09 ED and VWP of 15 wks pp) were identified. A sensitivity analysis was performed by comparing changes of single effect of factors in a good and poor scenario with the average scenario. The mean net economic loss (NELi) compared with the good scenario was €34 and €231 per cow per year for the average and poor reproductive performance scenario, respectively. Increasing the calving interval resulted in greater economic loss. The important factors on the cost of reproductive efficiency were the involuntary culling cost and the return of milk production. Variation in PCon, PEst, ME, ED, and VWP had large impacts on economic benefits.
Journal: Theriogenology , vol. 74, no. 5, pp. 835-846, 2010
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