Structure and properties of zinc bismuth phosphate glass

Structure and properties of zinc bismuth phosphate glass,10.1016/j.tsf.2010.03.128,Thin Solid Films,Sang Hyeok Im,Young Hoon Na,Nam Jin Kim,Dong Hwan

Structure and properties of zinc bismuth phosphate glass   (Citations: 1)
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In the present work, ZnO–Bi2O3–P2O5 glasses were studied to examine the effect of the Bi2O3 composition on the structure and properties of the phosphate glass system. Glasses with the compositions, I: (50−2x)ZnO–xBi2O3−(50+x)P2O5 and II: (50−x)ZnO–xBi2O3–50P2O5(x=0−20mol%) were prepared. To investigate the relation between the structural change and compositional change, the structure was measured by FT-IR analysis and the density, glass transition temperature (Tg) and chemical properties of the glasses were measured. The Tg and chemical properties (water-resistant qualities) increased with increasing metaphosphate phase in the glasses, due to the increase in the number of bridging oxygens. The glass properties were dependent on the O/P ratio. The compositional variations that changed the dominant phosphate structure from a metaphosphate to a pyrophosphate were accompanied by the transformation in the dominant Bi coordination, complicating the effect that Bi2O3 has on the glass properties. Bi3+ cations were incorporated into the glass network and difference in the Bi–O bonding state in the glasses.
Journal: Thin Solid Films , vol. 518, no. 24, pp. e46-e49, 2010
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