Dynamic Dictionary Matching

Dynamic Dictionary Matching,10.1016/S0022-0000(05)80047-9,Journal of Computer and System Sciences,Amihood Amir,Martin Farach,Zvi Galil,Raffaele Gianca

Dynamic Dictionary Matching   (Citations: 53)
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Journal: Journal of Computer and System Sciences - JCSS , vol. 49, no. 2, pp. 208-222, 1994
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    • ...Tree construction. For inserting strings (token sequences of individual les) into the GST for , we use a simplied version of McCreight’s algorithm [28] presented by Amir et al. [1]...

    Nils Gödeet al. Incremental Clone Detection

    • ...In this paper we consider another classical string matching problem called the dictionary matching problem [1,3,4], which is deflned as follows...

    Wing-kai Honet al. Compressed Index for Dictionary Matching

    • ...This problem is well-studied in the literature [Aho and Corasick 1975; Amir and Farach 1991; Amir et al. 1992; Amir et al. 1994; Amir et al. 1995; Sahinalp and Vishkin 1996], and an important example application is the management of a gene bank...

    Ho-leung Chanet al. Compressed indexes for dynamic text collections

    • ...Among such problems, the dynamic dictionary matching problem is one of the most well studied [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 23], which is required to index a collection of patterns {P1, P2,..., Pk} with total length d, so as to answer efficiently the occurrences of all Pi in any given text T, and allow efficient insertion and deletion of patterns...

    Ho-Leung Chanet al. Dynamic dictionary matching and compressed suffix trees

    • ...The bounds for edit distance have larger constants c1 and c2. Randomization reduces the nlog n term in the preprocessing to n. Approximate Dictionary Matching: The dictionary matching problem and several variants of the problem have been well studied [2, 5, 6, 7, 25]...

    Richard Coleet al. Dictionary matching and indexing with errors and don't cares

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