Compositions of four unusual CM or CM-related Antarctic chondrites

Compositions of four unusual CM or CM-related Antarctic chondrites,10.1016/j.chemer.2008.12.002,Chemie Der Erde-geochemistry,Gina M. Moriarty,Douglas

Compositions of four unusual CM or CM-related Antarctic chondrites   (Citations: 2)
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To identify chemical group affinities and infer the occurrence of thermal metamorphism or aqueous alteration in their histories, we quantified 43 trace elements in the CM or CM-related Antarctic carbonaceous chondrites EET 96010, LAP 02277, MET 01070, and WIS 91600. We also analyzed LAP 02206, a CV chondrite, to add to our comparison database. We present whole-rock oxygen isotope data for LAP 02206, LAP 02277, and MET 01070 to complement our trace element results. With these data, we confirm the CV classification of LAP 02206 and CM or CM-like classification for the other four chondrites in this study. On the basis of moderately volatile element content, our results show that EET 96010 experienced open-system heating, while any heating LAP 02277 and MET 01070 may have experienced was in a chemically closed-system. WIS 91600, on a trace element basis, appears to be CM-like material. Our analyses support the idea that CM material has experienced a wide variety of post-accretionary processing.
Journal: Chemie Der Erde-geochemistry - CHEM ERDE-GEOCHEMISTRY , vol. 69, no. 2, pp. 161-168, 2009
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