Delta Compression for Information Push Services

Delta Compression for Information Push Services,10.1109/WAINA.2008.123,Junze Wang,Yi Guo,Benxiong Huang,Jianhua Ma,Yijun Mo

Delta Compression for Information Push Services  
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With remarkable advances in mobile calculation and wireless communications, users expect to access the Internet anytime, anywhere. However, in environments with limited network bandwidth, the traditional pull based approach for information diffusion can not handle the great amount of demand. The researchers put their sights on information push services, expect to reduce communication load and distribute Internet links in a more efficient way. On the other side, with the advances in intelligent devices and the demand of data exchange, more and more XML documents will be pushed to clients in the future. Unfortunately, XML is verbose and it needs more communication resource when been pushing. In this paper, we focus on the delta compression which can be adopted in push services, and present a new delta compression, Jdelta. Jdelta is able to improve the compression ratio when deal with XML documents, more effective than any other compression scheme, and, more effective in saving the resource of communication.
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