Genetic local search for rule learning

Genetic local search for rule learning,10.1145/1389095.1389372,Cristiano Grijó Pitangui,Gerson Zaverucha

Genetic local search for rule learning   (Citations: 1)
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The performance of Evolutionary Algorithms for combinatorial problems can be significantly improved by adding Local Search, thus obtaining a Genetic Local Search (GLS) also called Memetic Algorithm. In this work, we adapt a previous Stochastic Local Search (SLS) algorithm and embed it into a GBML system. The adapted SLS algorithm works as a module of the system that tries to improve a random individual in the population. We perform experiments to evaluate this adapted SLS procedure and results show that this new GLS system is very effective, not losing in any of the 10 UCI datasets tested when compared to the system without the SLS procedure. The system either obtained significantly more accurate concepts using lower number of rules and features or it achieved the same accuracy as the system without the SLS procedure, but reduced the number of rules and features, and also the time taken to develop the solution.
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    • ...Future works involve: (1) execute EDA-ILP in other complex datasets [32] and compare the results with other ILP systems such as QG/GA, OS, and others; (2) use another form to update the CPTs; (3) allow the system to determine the number of clauses in a theory, (4) use a local search procedure, as hBOA [23] or as in [41] (specifically for rule learning) to improve EDA-ILP search...

    Cristiano Grijo Pitanguiet al. Inductive Logic Programming through Estimation of Distribution Algorit...

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