Human Communication Based on Icons in Crisis Environments

Human Communication Based on Icons in Crisis Environments,10.1007/978-3-540-73289-1_7,Siska Fitrianie,Dragos Datcu,Léon J. M. Rothkrantz

Human Communication Based on Icons in Crisis Environments   (Citations: 2)
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In recent years, we have developed an icon-based c ommunication interface to represent concepts and ideas. Users ca n create messages to communicate with others using a spatial arrangement of visual symbols. We deployed our icon-based interface in a serious game environment of a disaster and rescue simulator, which is capable of simulatin g real disaster situations using information from human user observers' reports. To support faster interaction, we designed a highly adaptive interfac e for optimizing the next icon look up. Inspired by the Fitaly keyboard, the syste m rearranges the icons menu's layout dynamically to minimize the searching time. Users are able to find their desired icons fast since the next icon s election is most likely to be one that is (on or) around the center. Our user tests s howed that the developed icon- based interface could serve as a communication mediator. The experimental results also indicated that the Fitaly-based interf ace allowed for much faster and easier icon finding than the hierarchical menu.
Conference: Human-Computer Interaction - HCI , pp. 57-66, 2007
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