Best individual template selection from deformation tensor minimization

Best individual template selection from deformation tensor minimization,10.1109/ISBI.2008.4541032,Natasha Lepore,Caroline A. Brun,Yi-yu Chou,Agatha D.

Best individual template selection from deformation tensor minimization   (Citations: 5)
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ABSTRACT We study the influence of the choice of template in tensor- based morphometry.,Using 3D brain MR images from 10 monozygotic twin pairs, we defined a tensor-based distance i n the log-Euclidean framework,[1] between,each image pair in the study. Relative to this metric, twin pairs were found to b e closer to each other on average than random pairings, consis- tent with evidence that brain structure is under strong gene tic control. We also computed,the intraclass correlation and asso- ciated permutation p-value at each voxel for the determinant of the Jacobian matrix of the transformation. The cumula- tive distribution function (cdf) of the p-values was found at each voxel for each of the templates and compared,to the null distribution. Surprisingly, there was very little differe nce be- tween CDFs of statistics computed,from analyses using dif- ferent templates. As the brain with least log-Euclidean de- formation cost, the mean template defined here avoids the blurring caused by creating a synthetic image from a popu- lation, and when selected from a large population, avoids bias by being geometrically centered, in a metric that is sensiti ve enough to anatomical similarity that it can even detect genetic affinity among,anatomies. Index Terms— brain, image analysis, Magnetic Reso-
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