AFID: an automated fault identification tool

AFID: an automated fault identification tool,10.1145/1390630.1390653,Alex Edwards,Sean Tucker,Sébastien Worms,Rahul Vaidya,Brian Demsky

AFID: an automated fault identification tool   (Citations: 1)
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We present the Automatic Fault IDentification Tool (AFID). AFID automatically constructs repositories of real soft- ware faults by monitoring the software development process. AFID records both a fault revealing test case and a faulty version of the source code for any crashing faults that the de- veloper discovers and a fault correcting source code change for any crashing faults that the developer corrects. The test cases are a significant contribution, because they enable new research that explores the dynamic behaviors of the software faults. AFID uses a ptrace-based monitoring mechanism to mon- itor both the compilation and execution of the application. The ptrace-based technique makes it straightforward for AFID to support a wide range of programming languages and compilers. Our benchmark results indicate that the monitoring overhead will be acceptable for most developers. We performed a short case study to evaluate how eectively the AFID tool records software faults. In our case study, AFID recorded 12 software faults from the 8 participants.
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