Southern spectrophotometric standards

Southern spectrophotometric standards,10.1086/133028,Publications of The Astronomical Society of The Pacific,Mario Hamuy,A. R. Walker,N. B. Suntzeff,P

Southern spectrophotometric standards   (Citations: 127)
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New observations of both secondary and tertiary spectrophotometric standards are reviewed which were made with the RC spectrographs and charge-coupled device cameras on the 1.5-m and 4-m telescopes in the wavelength range 3300-7550 A. Topics discussed include modification of the monochromatic fluxes of the secondary spectrophotometric standards (Taylor, 1984) according to the new calibration of Vega provided by Haynes (1985); tuning the zero point of the energy distribution of these stars by matching their V synthetic magnitudes to the observed magnitude; calculation of new fluxes for the tertiary standards; and a fine grid of averaged monochromatic fluxes for the ten secondary standards to be used in the flux calibration of high-dispersion spectra.
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