Ortholumen: Using Light for Direct Tabletop Input

Ortholumen: Using Light for Direct Tabletop Input,10.1109/TABLETOP.2007.19,Tommaso Piazza,Morten Fjeld

Ortholumen: Using Light for Direct Tabletop Input   (Citations: 3)
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Ortholumen is a light pen based tabletop interaction sys- tem that can employ all the pen's spatial degrees of free- dom (DOF). The pen's light is projected from above onto a horizontal translucent screen and tracked by a webcam sit- ting underneath, facing upwards; system output is projected back onto the same screen. The elliptic light spot cast by the pen informs the system of pen position, orientation, and di- rection. While this adds up to six DOFs, we have used up to four at a time. In order to better separate input and output light we employ polarizing filters on the webcam and on the projector lens. Two applications, painting and map naviga- tion, are presented. Ortholumen can be expanded to track multiple pens of the same or different colors. This would enable bi-manual input, collaboration, and placed pens as external memory. Visible light, as opposed to infrared or ra- dio, may be perceived more directly by users. Ortholumen employs only low-cost parts, making the system affordable to home users.
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