Rescue Knowledge M-Learning System by 3G Mobile Phones

Rescue Knowledge M-Learning System by 3G Mobile Phones,10.1109/WMUTE.2008.47,Shu-chen Cheng,Wei-zhi Tsai,Yun-zhong Chen

Rescue Knowledge M-Learning System by 3G Mobile Phones   (Citations: 2)
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Generally, people have insufficient knowledge with regard to first-aid. When people mention first- aid, they tend to focus on CPR instead of the introduction such as fracture or poisoning. Except for the medical personnel, people rarely have the opportunity to access to the rescue knowledge. Thus, this study aims to provide a rescue knowledge m- learning system by using the capabilities of wireless connection of mobile devices. Through simple operation, we can obtain the first-aid steps of certain diseases. With the rescue m-learning system, we can obtain the professional instructions. Users can connect to the knowledge server provided by this project via connection devices. The design of this project is relatively simple and allows learners to accomplish diseases or injuries searching by inputting the observed symptoms. Term frequency and inverse document frequency are applied for the information retrieval. After searching, we can learn and follow the first-aid instructions or ask for the experts' opinions through the system.
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