Consortial Use of Electronic Journals in Turkish Universities

Consortial Use of Electronic Journals in Turkish Universities,Yasar Tonta,Yurdagül Ünal

Consortial Use of Electronic Journals in Turkish Universities   (Citations: 1)
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The use of electronic journals has outnumbered that of printed journals within the last decade. The consortial use of electronic journals through publishers' or aggregators' web sites is on the rise worldwide. This is also the case for Turkey. The Turkish academic community downloaded close to 50 million full- text articles from various electronic journal databases since the year 2000. This paper analyzes the seven-years' worth of journal use data comprising more than 25 million full-text articles downloaded from Elsevier's ScienceDirect (SD) electronic journals package between 2001 and 2007. Some 100 core journals, constituting only 5% of all SD journal titles, satisfied over 8.4 million download requests. The lists of core journals were quite stable, consistently satisfying one third of all demand. A large number of journal titles were rarely used while some were never used at all. The correlation between the impact factors (IFs) of core journal titles and the number of downloads therefrom was rather low. Findings can be used to develop better consortial collection management policies and empower the consortium management to negotiate better deals with publishers. Studies based on such analyses of empirical journal use data are scarce in Turkey. This paper attempts to identify the most frequently used core journals by Turkish academic users. Our analysis is based on data of more than 25 million full-text articles downloaded by Turkish universities from Elsevier's ScienceDirect (SD) electronic journal package over a seven-year period (2001-2007), making it perhaps one of the most comprehensive electronic journal use studies carried out on a national scale. The volume of data enables us to identify the core journals as well as to determine their stability over the years. Findings can be used to develop better collection management policies and improve the conditions of the national consortial license for Turkish universities.
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    • ...More recently, ULAKBIM has also signed national site licences for several databases on behalf of universities (Tonta & Ünal, 2008; Karasözen, 2008; Karasözen & Lindley, 2004)...
    • ...Nevertheless, ScienceDirect has been the most heavily used e-journal package in Turkey, constituting more than half the total use from about 35 databases available to Turkish universities (Tonta & Ünal, 2008)...

    Yasar Tontaet al. Does Urquhart's Law hold for consortial use of electronic journals?

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