An Efficient OpenMP Runtime System for Hierarchical Architectures

An Efficient OpenMP Runtime System for Hierarchical Architectures,10.1007/978-3-540-69303-1_19,Samuel Thibault,François Broquedis,Brice Goglin,Raymond

An Efficient OpenMP Runtime System for Hierarchical Architectures   (Citations: 7)
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Exploiting the full computational power of always deeper hi- erarchical multiprocessor machines requires a very careful distribution of threads and data among the underlying non-uniform architecture. The emergence of multi-core chips and NUMA machines makes it impor- tant to minimize the number of remote memory accesses, to favor cache affinities, and to guarantee fast completion of synchronization steps. By using the BubbleSched platform as a threading backend for the GOMP OpenMP compiler, we are able to easily transpose affinities ofthread teams into scheduling hints using abstractions called bubbles. We then propose a scheduling strategy suited to nested OpenMP parallelism. The resulting preliminary performance evaluations show an important im- provement of the speedup on a typical NAS OpenMP benchmark appli- cation.
Conference: International Workshop on OpenMP - IWOMP , pp. 161-172, 2007
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