Handover prediction strategy for 3G-WLAN overlay networks

Handover prediction strategy for 3G-WLAN overlay networks,10.1109/NOMS.2008.4575222,Hyeyeon Kwon,Mi-Jeong Yang,Ae-Soon Park,S. Venkatesan

Handover prediction strategy for 3G-WLAN overlay networks  
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In 3G-WLAN overlay network environments, a UE is apt to lose the WLAN signal without any notice by moving while it connects to WLAN because it can be apart from the WLAN coverage suddenly. In this case the on-going services are disrupted by unexpected link corruption. Hence, it needs to execute quickly the handover to 3G network as soon as it detects the lost of WLAN signal. However, as the 3G access has many network signaling operations additionally including IP mobility operations for service continuity, it requests more enough processing time for the operations, which increases the handover latency causing the service interruption. Therefore it is important to predict the time when the UE will get out of the WLAN coverage. By the handover prediction, the UE can prepare the connection to 3G network before breaking off the WLAN connection. This paper shows several handover prediction algorithms to reduce the handover latency by fast handover triggering. The correctness of the algorithms is compared by simulation.
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