Building a terminology network for search: the KoMoHe project

Building a terminology network for search: the KoMoHe project,Computing Research Repository,Philipp Mayr,Vivien Petras

Building a terminology network for search: the KoMoHe project   (Citations: 2)
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The paper reports about results on the GESIS-IZ project "Competence Center Modeling and Treatment of Semantic Heterogeneity" (KoMoHe). KoMoHe supervised a terminology mapping effort, in which 'cross-concordances' between major controlled vocabularies were organized, created and managed. In this paper we describe the establishment and implementation of cross- concordances for search in a digital library (DL). Semantic integration seeks to connect different information systems through their subject metadata frameworks - insuring that distributed search over several information systems can still use the advanced subject access tools provided with the individual databases. Through the mapping of different subject terminologies, a 'semantic agreement' for the overall collection to be searched on is achieved. Terminology mapping - the mapping of words and phrases of one controlled vocabulary to the words and phrases of another - creates a semantic network between the information systems carrying the advantages of controlled subject metadata schemes into the distributed digital library world.
Journal: Computing Research Repository - CORR , vol. abs/0808.0, 2008
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