Local kinematics and the local standard of rest

Local kinematics and the local standard of rest,10.1111/j.1365-2966.2010.16253.x,Monthly Notices of The Royal Astronomical Society,Ralph Schönrich,Jam

Local kinematics and the local standard of rest   (Citations: 4)
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We re-examine the stellar kinematics of the solar neighbourhood in terms of the velocity upsilosolar of the Sun with respect to the local standard of rest. We show that the classical determination of its component Vsolar in the direction of Galactic rotation via Strömberg's relation is undermined by the metallicity gradient in the disc, which introduces a correlation between the colour of a group of stars and the radial gradients of its properties. Comparing the local stellar kinematics to a chemodynamical model which accounts for these effects, we obtain (U, V, W)solar = (11.1+0.69-0.75, 12.24+0.47-0.47, 7.25+0.37-0.36)kms-1, with additional systematic uncertainties ~(1, 2, 0.5)kms-1. In particular, Vsolar is 7kms-1 larger than previously estimated. The new values of (U, V, W)solar are extremely insensitive to the metallicity gradient within the disc.
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