COMMENTARY?Evidence-Based Surgery: Time for Change

COMMENTARY?Evidence-Based Surgery: Time for Change,10.1111/j.1532-950X.2006.00212.x,Veterinary Surgery,Kurt S. Schulz,James L. Cook,Amy S. Kapatkin,Do

COMMENTARY?Evidence-Based Surgery: Time for Change   (Citations: 3)
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Journal: Veterinary Surgery - VET SURGERY , vol. 35, no. 8, pp. 697-699, 2006
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    • ...Instead of being able to rest their authority on the technoscientific description of animal dysfunctions, clinical analogies with human medicine, or the exercise of professional opinion, veterinarians who promote these new procedures now find themselves under increasing pressure to justify their preference for this type of nonrestorative intervention (Schulz et al. 2006)...
    • ...The issue for these practitioners then becomes demonstrating the superior efficacy of the idealizing treatment, which, in the absence of a sufficient level of trust in their clinical judgement, must inevitably require other forms of medical quantification such as clinical trials and RCTs (Schulz et al. 2006)...

    Chris Degeling. Cutting a Bone to Heal a Ligament: Idealized Animals and Orthopaedics

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