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Plant communities of a Central Namib inselberg landscape

Plant communities of a Central Namib inselberg landscape,10.1658/1100-9233(2002)013[0483:PCOACN]2.0.CO;2,Journal of Vegetation Science,Antje Burke

Plant communities of a Central Namib inselberg landscape   (Citations: 8)
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Journal: Journal of Vegetation Science - J VEG SCI , vol. 13, no. 4, 2002
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    • ...We suspect an effect of the altitude gradient, since inselbergs are believed to provide an adequate area to facilitate the development of distinct communities (Porembski and Barthlott 2000; Burke 2002), but we did not find any characteristic species of mid-altitude vegetation...
    • ...Subsequent changes in climate may have forced remnants of biotas into suitable, but restricted, sites like Mont Nie´ nokoue´ . As such inselberg vegetation could form an important refuge area for species from distinct biomes, and so contribute significantly to the biodiversity of tropical regions (Porembski and Barthlott 2000; Burke 2002), they are of high conservation...

    T. Steve Denguéadhé Kolongoet al. Plant Species Diversity in the Southern Part of the Taï National Park ...

    • ...Hence, to interpret observed species–environment correlations properly, it is important to assess the spatial structure of both environmental and species data (using spatial autocorrelation techniques) (Borcard et al., 1992; Lennon, 2000; Burke, 2002; Tuomisto et al., 2003)...

    Ingrid Parmentieret al. The inselberg flora of Atlantic Central Africa. I. Determinants of spe...

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