Slip on shallow-dipping normal faults

Slip on shallow-dipping normal faults,10.1130/focus082009.1.,Geology,G. A. Abers

Slip on shallow-dipping normal faults   (Citations: 3)
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Journal: Geology , vol. 37, no. 8, pp. 767-768, 2009
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    • ... continental detachment fault systems [e.g., JohnandFoster,1993;Abersetal.,1997],andthere is increasing evidence that active slip may indeed occur by creep on low‐angle fault surfaces [e.g., Hreinsdottir and Bennett, 2009; Campani et al., 2010; Lecomte et al., 2010], probably aided by high pore fluid pressures and/or localized deformationofweak minerals(e.g.,talc[Moore and Lockner, 2008]) along the fault planes [e.g., Wernicke, 1995; Abers, ...

    C. J. MacLeodet al. Quantitative constraint on footwall rotations at the 15°45′N oceanic c...

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