Migration of Medical Image Data Archived Using Mini-PACS to Full-PACS

Migration of Medical Image Data Archived Using Mini-PACS to Full-PACS,10.1007/s10278-004-1004-8,Journal of Digital Imaging,Haijo Jung,Hee-joung Kim,Wo

Migration of Medical Image Data Archived Using Mini-PACS to Full-PACS   (Citations: 2)
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This study evaluated the migration to full-PACS of medical image data archived using mini-PACS at two hospitals of the Yonsei University Medical Center, Seoul, Korea. A major concern in the migration of medical data is to match the image data from the mini-PACS with the hospital OCS (Ordered Communication System). Prior to carrying out the actual migration process, the principles, methods, and anticipated results for the migration with respect to both cost and effectiveness were evaluated. Migration gateway workstations were established and a migration software tool was developed. The actual migration process was performed based on the results of several migration simulations. Our conclusions were that a migration plan should be carefully prepared and tailored to the individual hospital environment because the server system, archive media, network, OCS, and policy for data management may be unique.
Journal: Journal of Digital Imaging , vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 100-108, 2004
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    • ...The migration must be done every time when changing to the new system(1-6)...
    • ...91 No. 4 2008 prepare carefully in order to migrate the data of the existing PACS to the new PACS while optimizing the performance and minimizing the cost required for the migration(1)...
    • ...Jung et al (1) used backup CD and DLT (digital linear tape) loaded into mini-PACS and send to full-PACS via DICOM send that is manually transferred to the new PACS for about 12.3 TB (all modality)...

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