Quantum computers,10.1038/nature08812,Nature,T. D. Ladd,F. Jelezko,R. Laflamme,Y. Nakamura,C. Monroe,J. L. O'Brien

Quantum computers   (Citations: 15)
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Over the past several decades, quantum information science has emerged to seek answers to the question: can we gain some advantage by storing, transmitting and processing information encoded in systems that exhibit unique quantum properties? Today it is understood that the answer is yes, and many research groups around the world are working towards the highly ambitious technological goal of building a quantum computer, which would dramatically improve computational power for particular tasks. A number of physical systems, spanning much of modern physics, are being developed for quantum computation. However, it remains unclear which technology, if any, will ultimately prove successful. Here we describe the latest developments for each of the leading approaches and explain the major challenges for the future.
Journal: Nature , vol. 464, no. 7285, pp. 45-53, 2010
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