3-D Tracking of shoes for Virtual Mirror applications

3-D Tracking of shoes for Virtual Mirror applications,10.1109/CVPR.2008.4587566,Peter Eisert,Philipp Fechteler,Jürgen Rurainsky

3-D Tracking of shoes for Virtual Mirror applications   (Citations: 2)
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In this paper, augmented reality techniques are used in order to create a virtual mirror for the real-time visualization of customized sports shoes. Similar to looking into a mirror when trying on new shoes in a shop, we create the same impression but for virtual shoes that the customer can design individually. For that purpose, we replace the real mirror by a large display that shows the mirrored input of a camera capturing the legs and shoes of a person. 3-D tracking of both feet and exchanging the real shoes by computer graphics models gives the impression of actually wearing the virtual shoes. The 3-D motion tracker presented in this paper, exploits mainly silhouette information to achieve robust estimates for both shoes from a single camera view. The use of a hierarchical approach in an image pyramid enables real-time estimation at frame rates of more than 30 frames per second.
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    • ...Interactive virtual mirrors are applications that offer an augmented image of a user for the purpose of seeing her/himself with different garments and/or in a different environment [1, 2]. So far, most of the work in such projects has been devoted to virtual element registration through user tracking, and to a fluid and natural combination of virtual elements and input video, but little has been made about complex rendering issues...
    • ...For example, for a necklace or a bracelet, the 3D tracking methods presented in [1] can be used to track the rigid body motion of the human neck or wrist...

    Peter Eisertet al. Virtual jewel rendering for augmented reality environments

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