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Brassinosteroid Signaling Pathway

Brassinosteroid Signaling Pathway,10.1126/stke.3642006cm4,Science's Stke,Y. Belkhadir,X. Wang,J. Chory

Brassinosteroid Signaling Pathway   (Citations: 6)
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Journal: Science's Stke , vol. 2006, no. 364, pp. cm4-cm4, 2006
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    • ...Molecular genetic studies of BR-deficient and BR-insensitive mutants have established an essential role for BRs in plant development and led to the identification and characterization of several BR signaling components [4,5]...
    • ...In the current model of BR-controlled gene expression, BR binding to BRI1, a plasma membrane localized leucine-rich repeat receptor-like kinase (LRR-RLK), induces association of BRI1 with its coreceptor BAK1, which enhances signaling output through reciprocal BRI1 transphosphorylation [4,5]...

    Uday K Diviet al. Brassinosteroid-mediated stress tolerance in Arabidopsis shows interac...

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