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Preventing obesity in primary schoolchildren

Preventing obesity in primary schoolchildren,10.1136/bmj.c819,British Medical Journal,Esther M F van Sluijs,Alison McMinn

Preventing obesity in primary schoolchildren   (Citations: 1)
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School based physical activity programmes are promising, but difficult to sustain
Journal: British Medical Journal - BMJ , vol. 340, no. feb23 1, pp. c819-c819, 2010
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    • ...Although the methodological quality of the more recently conducted evaluations seems to have improved, several challenges still remain. Only three of the 10 studies in the updated review used an objective measure of PA, and only four reported on the validity of their PA measure. We found that the type of PA measure used was not related to intervention effectiveness. However increasing the precision of the measurement of PA and studying how changes occur across the week and in different domains will allow for a more thorough investigation of the effects of interventions. Only three studies reported a follow-up of 6 months or longer, with one reporting a significant positive intervention effect. The long-term effect of family- and community-based interventions therefore also remains unclear. Indeed previous literature seems to suggest that repeated intervention efforts may be necessary to obtain established changes in PA habits....

    Esther M F van Sluijset al. The effect of community and family interventions on young people's phy...

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