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On Open Rectangle-of-Influence Drawings of Planar Graphs

On Open Rectangle-of-Influence Drawings of Planar Graphs,10.1007/978-3-642-02026-1_11,Huaming Zhangand,Milind Vaidya

On Open Rectangle-of-Influence Drawings of Planar Graphs   (Citations: 1)
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We investigate open rectangle-of-influence drawings for irreducible triangulations, which are plane graphs with a quadrangular exterior face, triangular interior faces and no separating triangles. An open rectangle-of-influence drawing of a plane graph G is a type of straight-line grid drawing where there is no vertices drawn in the proper inside of the axis-parallel rectangle defined by the two end vertices of any edge. The algorithm presented by Miura and Nishizeki [8] uses a grid of size W + H £</font >{\cal W} + {\cal H} \leq (n-1), where W{\cal W} is the width of the grid, H{\cal H} is the height of the grid and n is the number of vertices in G. Thus the area of the grid is at most ⌈(n-1)/2⌉ × ë</font >\lfloor(n-1)/2û</font >\rfloor [8]. In this paper, we prove that the two straight-line grid drawing algorithms for irreducible triangulations from [4] and quadrangulations from [3,5] actually produce open rectangle-of-influence drawings for them respectively. Therefore, the straight-line grid drawing size bounds from [3,4,5] also hold for the open rectangle-of-influence drawings. For irreducible triangulations, the new asymptotical grid size bound is 11n/27\emph{11n/27} × 11n/27\emph{11n/27}. For quadrangulations, our asymptotical grid size bound 13n/27\emph{13n/27} × 13n/27\emph{13n/27} is the first known such bound.
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