Bridging the Gap between Legal and Technical Contracts

Bridging the Gap between Legal and Technical Contracts,10.1109/MIC.2008.28,IEEE Internet Computing,Alvaro Arenas,Michael Wilson,Shirley Crompton,Dana

Bridging the Gap between Legal and Technical Contracts   (Citations: 4)
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Two or more parties typically establish a business relationship using a contract, but a large gap still exists between the provisions of contracts produced by lawyers and the details of computer security and performance addressed by technologists. Some contractual clauses address legal issues that technology can manage as well - the TrustCoM framework offers a paradigm for automating these clauses as technical operations. If a business relationship forms across a service-oriented architecture, the parties involved often manage their collaboration as a virtual organization (VO). In TrustCoM, agreements are the key means of steering VO collaborations and mitigating the risks inherent in integrating processes and resources across organizational boundaries.
Journal: IEEE Internet Computing - INTERNET , vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 13-19, 2008
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    • ...Research indicates collaboration generally involves large costs associated with significant breadth in technical knowledge, skills and resources to achieve successful operations [5, 6]. Additional concerns of information security and breach of intellectual property have been raised [7]...
    • ...Including a management framework in contracts for collaborative agreements can mitigate risks and compensate for lack of trust among technologists [7]...

    Sanjay Mathraniet al. Factors that drive success in collaborative product development

    • ...By regulation we mean monitoring and/or enforcement of business–to–business (B2B) interactions to ensure that the business partners are performing actions that are compliant with the electronic contract in force, detecting violations of contract clauses and determining liability, enforcing sanctions or given allowances and facilitating dispute resolution, by providing audit trail of business interactions [1], [2]...

    A. Abdelsadiqet al. On Model Checker Based Testing of Electronic Contracting Systems

    • ...Currently, some importantsteps have been taken towards to obtain and express the SLA: In [1], an analysis of the gap between legal contracts and operational SLAs is discussed...

    Jose Antonio Parejoet al. SLAWs: Towards a Conceptual Architecture for SLA Enforcement

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