Optimized zinc electrode for the rechargeable zinc–air battery

Optimized zinc electrode for the rechargeable zinc–air battery,10.1023/A:1003464011815,Journal of Applied Electrochemistry,S. Müller,F. Holzer,O. Haas

Optimized zinc electrode for the rechargeable zinc–air battery   (Citations: 2)
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For the development of a long-lived, electrically rechargeable zinc–air battery the structure and wettability of pasted zinc electrodes were optimized. Pasted zinc electrodes containing 1 to 10% cellulose but having almost the same nominal capacities were prepared and tested in zinc/oxygen cells. The effect of discharge rate on cell voltage and delivered capacity, as well as the maximum power, were measured. Furthermore, cell charge–discharge behaviour and cycle life were examined. After different times of operation, the porosity and the pore size distribution of the pasted zinc electrodes were measured by means of mercury porosimetry. The cycle life and peak power drain capability of the Zn/oxygen battery could be substantially improved by the addition of 10wt% cellulose to the pasted zinc electrode.
Journal: Journal of Applied Electrochemistry - J APPL ELECTROCHEM , vol. 28, no. 9, pp. 895-898, 1998
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