High-Integrity IMM-EKF-Based Road Vehicle Navigation With Low-Cost GPS/SBAS/INS

High-Integrity IMM-EKF-Based Road Vehicle Navigation With Low-Cost GPS/SBAS/INS,10.1109/TITS.2007.902642,IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportati

High-Integrity IMM-EKF-Based Road Vehicle Navigation With Low-Cost GPS/SBAS/INS   (Citations: 30)
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User requirements for the performance of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)-based road applications have been significantly increasing in recent years. Safety systems based on vehicle localization, electronic fee-collection systems, and trav- eler information services are just a few examples of interest- ing applications requiring onboard equipment (OBE) capable of offering a high available accurate position, even in unfriendly environments with low satellite visibility such as built-up areas or tunnels and at low cost. In addition to that, users and ser- vice providers demand from the OBEs not only accurate con- tinuous positioning but integrity information of the reliability of this position as well. Specifically, in life-critical applications, high-integrity monitored positioning is absolutely required. This paper presents a solution based on the fusion of GNSS and in- ertial sensors (a Global Positioning System/Satellite-Based Aug- mentation System/Inertial Navigation System integrated system) running an extended Kalman filter combined with an interactive multimodel method (IMM-EKF). The solution developed in this paper supplies continuous positioning in marketable conditions and a meaningful trust level of the given solution. A set of tests performed in controlled and real scenarios proves the suitability of the proposed IMM-EKF implementation as compared with low- cost GNSS-based solutions, dead reckoning systems, single-model EKF, and other filtering approaches of the current literature.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems - TITS , vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 491-511, 2007
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