Integrating CSR Initiatives in Business: An Organizing Framework

Integrating CSR Initiatives in Business: An Organizing Framework,10.1007/s10551-010-0710-z,Journal of Business Ethics,Wenlong Yuan,Yongjian Bao,Alain

Integrating CSR Initiatives in Business: An Organizing Framework  
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Integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in business is one of the great challenges facing firms today. Societal stakeholders require much more from the firm than pursuing profitability and growth. But these societal stakeholders often simply assume that increased societal expectations can easily be accommodated within efficiently run business operations, without much attention devoted to process issues. We build upon the core–periphery thesis to explore potential avenues for firms to add recurring CSR initiatives to their existing business practices. Based on Siggelkow’s (Admin Sci Quart 47:125–159, 2002) analysis of organizational change, we conceptualize seven major patterns of CSR initiative adoption. We develop a new organizing framework showing how a firm can integrate CSR initiatives in business. Within the new framework, each of the seven patterns represents an idiosyncratic path through which recurring CSR initiatives can be included as practices into conventional operations. We also explore the nature of the resulting internal fit between recurring CSR initiatives and business practices.
Journal: Journal of Business Ethics - J BUS ETHICS , vol. 101, no. 1, pp. 75-92, 2011
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