Age Effects and Heuristics in Decision Making

Age Effects and Heuristics in Decision Making,10.1145/1807406.1807487,Tibor Besedes,Cary Deck,Sudipta Sarangi,Mikhael Shor

Age Effects and Heuristics in Decision Making   (Citations: 2)
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Using controlled experiments, we examine how individuals make choices when faced with multiple options. Choice tasks are designed to mimic the selection of health insur- ance, prescription drug, or retirement savings plans. In our experiment, available options can be objectively ranked allowing us to examine optimal decision making. First, the probability of a person selecting the optimal option declines as the number of options increases, with the decline being more pronounced for older subjects. Second, heuristics difier by age with older subjects relying more on suboptimal decision rules. In a heuristics validation experiment older subjects make worse decisions than younger subjects.
Published in 2012.
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