Preparing Systems Engineers of Tomorrow

Preparing Systems Engineers of Tomorrow,Ravi Shankar

Preparing Systems Engineers of Tomorrow  
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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has documented a definite and remarkable shift in jobs away from emphasis on programming and logic design towards emphasis on systems, applications, and management. We need to reorient our curriculum and our students to develop systems design skills in these students. An engineering product designed in a vacuum without appropriate stakeholder input may fail in the marketplace. Engineering students lack real-life skills and motivation to interact with stakeholders in other domains and to develop relevant commercial products for them. We believe that a top-down system design flow, built around UML (Unified Modeling Language), can provide a well-charted pathway for students to develop these skills with less anguish. We offered such six different projects for our students in a course on software-hardware codesign and helped them to incrementally develop their system designs, using UML. We will present our results in the paper.
Published in 2009.
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