GeoScope: Full 3D geospatial information system case study

GeoScope: Full 3D geospatial information system case study,10.1007/s11806-011-0478-z,Geo-spatial Information Science,Yeting Zhang,Qing Zhu,Gang Liu,We

GeoScope: Full 3D geospatial information system case study  
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Aiming at the integrative management and comprehensive applications of large-scale 3D geospatial information covering the full 3D space of a city, this paper briefly introduces the design and implementation of a full D GIS platform: GeoScope, which provides a professional solution for the massive full three-dimensional geospatial data integration, management, analysis, visualization, and applications. GeoScope is characterized by: (1) extendible software architecture based on the hierarchical message bus, facilitates multimodal integrative applications of 2D GIS and 3D GIS; (2) unified 3D city models, support multiscale semantic representation of outdoor & indoor and aboveground & underground 3D objects; (3) high-efficient 3D geospatial database engine, supports integrated management of massive 3D geospatial data for real-time applications; and (4) high-performance visualization engine exploiting the massively parallel computation architecture of modern GPUs, supports real-time realistic rendering of large-scale complicated 3D geospatial environments. The successful pilot application of GeoScope is also illustrated with the 3D city models of 8494 km2 of the whole Wuhan City, the largest city in middle China.
Journal: Geo-spatial Information Science , vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 150-156, 2011
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