Parallel Visualization Systems

Parallel Visualization Systems,10.1007/3-540-31261-7_9,H. Miyachi,S. Hayashi,Y. Nakai,Y. Itoh,M. Shirazaki,R. Himeno

Parallel Visualization Systems  
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A cluster computer and a parallel simulation code are coming to be popular for HPC (High Performance Computing). Using them, we can get the high performance computing in proportion to the number of parallel nodes theoretically. As the results, the new problem will be happened in visualization in a total simulation cycle. It is a need to parallel visualization software as well as the simulation program. Non-parallel visualization software has some limitations of computer resource or power such as maximum 2GB memory addressing on 32bit machine, the lack of the speed for generating isosurface and I/O performance of data loading. We have developed parallel visualization systems based on AVS, Application Visualization Systems, which is general purpose visualization software developed by AVS Inc. USA. In this paper, we introduce them and specially describe about the parallel visualization system on PC cluster in detail. Finally, some benchmark results show that the system could get the practical performance on up to 16 nodes parallel cluster.
Published in 2005.
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