Brezin-Gross-Witten model as “pure gauge” limit of Selberg integrals

Brezin-Gross-Witten model as “pure gauge” limit of Selberg integrals,10.1007/JHEP03(2011)102,Journal of High Energy Physics,A. Mironov,A. Morozov,Sh.

Brezin-Gross-Witten model as “pure gauge” limit of Selberg integrals   (Citations: 1)
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The AGT relation identifies the Nekrasov functions for various $$ \mathcal{N} = 2 $$ SUSY gauge theories with the 2d conformal blocks, which possess explicit Dotsenko-Fateev matrix model (β-ensemble) representations the latter being polylinear combinations of Selberg integrals. The “pure gauge” limit of these matrix models is, however, a non-trivial multiscaling large-N limit, which requires a separate investigation. We show that in this pure gauge limit the Selberg integrals turn into averages in a Brezin-Gross-Witten (BGW) model. Thus, the Nekrasov function for pure SU(2) theory acquires a form very much reminiscent of the AMM decomposition formula for some model X into a pair of the BGW models. At the same time, X, which still has to be found, is the pure gauge limit of the elliptic Selberg integral. Presumably, it is again a BGW model, only in the Dijkgraaf-Vafa double cut phase.
Journal: Journal of High Energy Physics - J HIGH ENERGY PHYS , vol. 2011, no. 3, pp. 1-25, 2011
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