Jet pair production in POWHEG

Jet pair production in POWHEG,10.1007/JHEP04(2011)081,Journal of High Energy Physics,Simone Alioli,Keith Hamilton,Paolo Nason,Carlo Oleari,Emanuele Re

Jet pair production in POWHEG  
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We present an implementation of the next-to-leading order dijet production process in hadronic collisions in the framework of POWHEG, which is a method to implement NLO calculations within a shower Monte Carlo context. In constructing the simulation, we have made use of the POWHEG BOX toolkit, which makes light of many of the most technical steps. The majority of this article is concerned with the study of the predictions of the Monte Carlo simulation. In so doing, we validate our program for use in experimental analyses, elaborating on some of the more subtle features which arise from the interplay of the NLO and resummed components of the calculation. We conclude our presentation by comparing predictions from the simulation against a number of Tevatron and LHC jet-production results.
Journal: Journal of High Energy Physics - J HIGH ENERGY PHYS , vol. 2011, no. 4, pp. 1-41, 2011
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