TENTube: A Video-based Connection Tool Supporting Competence Development

TENTube: A Video-based Connection Tool Supporting Competence Development,International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning,Albert A. Angehrn,

TENTube: A Video-based Connection Tool Supporting Competence Development   (Citations: 2)
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The vast majority of knowledge management initiatives fail because they do not take sufficien tly into account the emotional, psychological and social nee ds of individuals. Only if users see real value for thems elves will they actively use and contribute their own knowledge to the system, and engage with other users. Connection dynamics can make this easier, and even enjoyable, by connec ting people and bringing them closer through shared experiences such as playing a game together. A higher connectedness of people to other people, and to relevant knowledge assets, will motivate them to participate more actively and increase system usage. In this paper, we describe the design of TENTube, a video-based connection tool we are developing to support competence development. TENTube integrates rich profiling and network visualization and naviga tion with agent-enhanced game-like connection dynamics.
Journal: International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning - iJET , vol. 3, no. S1, pp. 29-37, 2008
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    • ...In order to address this issue, we developed a video-based online environment which supports knowledge exchange, learning and collaboration and which can be adapted to various domains such as competence development [5], innovation [6], and management training [7]...
    • ...It has the key features of a typical Web2.0 system according to the McAfee’s SLATES paradigm [8][6], making extensive use of video, profiling, game dynamics, agents and network visualizations in order to capture the attention and involvement of the learning community members by generating three different types of user value: connection value, actionable learning value, as well as entertainment and 196 K. Maxwell and A.A...

    Katrina Maxwellet al. Lessons Learned from Deploying a Video-Based Web 2.0 Platform in an Ex...

    • ...The explanation relies on the “emotional, psychological and social needs of individuals” that have to be fulfilled [24]...

    Heiko Duinet al. Support for Innovation Processes in Collaborative Networks

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