Some Recent Aspects of Differential Game Theory

Some Recent Aspects of Differential Game Theory,10.1007/s13235-010-0005-0,R. Buckdahn,P. Cardaliaguet,M. Quincampoix

Some Recent Aspects of Differential Game Theory   (Citations: 2)
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This survey paper presents some new advances in theoretical aspects of differential game theory. We particular focus on three topics: differential games with state constraints; backward stochastic differential equations approach to stochastic differential games; differential games with incomplete information. We also address some recent development in nonzero-sum differential games (analysis of systems of Hamilton–Jacobi equations by conservation laws methods; differential games with a large number of players, i.e., mean-field games) and long-time average of zero-sum differential games.
Published in 2011.
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    • ...Alternative developments in the theory of differential games within a much more general framework are treated in the companion paper by Buckdahn, Cardaliaguet and Quincampoix, [8] in this volume...
    • ...Similar tools have been recently introduced by Cardaliaguet [11] to study differential games of fixed duration and incomplete information on both sides Γ( p, q)[θ,t ], see also the more general case of stochastic differential games with incomplete information developed in Cardaliaguet and Rainer [17], and in this issue by Buckdahn, Cardaliaguet and Quincampoix, [8]...
    • ...More on this can be found in this issue, see Buckdahn, Cardaliaguet and Quincampoix, [8]...

    Sylvain Sorin. Zero-Sum Repeated Games: Recent Advances and New Links with Differenti...

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