When objects are close to me: Affordances in the peripersonal space

When objects are close to me: Affordances in the peripersonal space,10.3758/s13423-011-0054-4,Psychonomic Bulletin & Review,Marcello Costantini,Ettore

When objects are close to me: Affordances in the peripersonal space   (Citations: 4)
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In the present study, we investigated, using language, which motor information is automatically activated by observing 3-D objects (i.e., manipulation vs. function) and whether this information is modulated by the objects’ location in space. Participants were shown 3-D pictures of objects located in peripersonal versus extrapersonal space. Immediately after, they were presented with function, manipulation, or observation verbs (e.g., “to drink,” “to grasp,” “to look at”) and were required to judge whether the verb was compatible with the presented object. We found that participants were slower with observation verbs than with manipulation and function verbs. With both function and manipulation verbs, participants were faster when objects were presented in reachable space. Interestingly, the fastest response times were recorded when participants read function verbs while objects were presented in the accessible space. Results suggest that artifacts are first conceived in terms of affordances linked to manipulation and use, and that affordances are differently activated, depending on context.
Journal: Psychonomic Bulletin & Review - PSYCHONOMIC BULL REV , vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 302-308, 2011
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    • ...In the case of grasping actions, for instance, the proactivity of gaze has been shown to take advantage of specific motor cues such as hand preshaping, thus succeeding in identifying the action targets even when the latter are not previously known (Ambrosini, Costantini, et al, 2011)...

    Marcello Costantiniet al. Out of your hand's reach, out of my eyes' reach

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