A steam dried municipal solid waste gasification and melting process

A steam dried municipal solid waste gasification and melting process,10.1007/s11783-010-0268-0,Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering in Chi

A steam dried municipal solid waste gasification and melting process  
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Considering high-moisture municipal solid waste (MSW) of China, a steam dried MSW gasification and melting process was proposed, the feasibility was tested, and the mass and energy balance was analyzed. Preliminary experiments were conducted using a fixed-bed drying apparatus, a 200 kg per day fluidized-bed gasifier, and a swirl melting furnace. Moisture percentage was reduced from 50% to 20% roughly when MSW was dried by slightly superheated steam of 150°C–350°C within 40 min. When the temperature was less than 250°C, no incondensable gas was produced during the drying process. The gasifier ran at 550°C–700°Cwith an air equivalence ratio (ER) of 0.2–0.4. The temperature of the swirl melting furnace reached about 1240°C when the gasification ER was 0.3 and the total ER was 1.1. At these conditions, the fly ash concentration in the flue gas was 1.7 g·(Nm3)−1, which meant over 95% fly ash was trapped in the furnace and discharged as slag. 85% of Ni and Cr were bound in the slag, as well as 60% of Cu. The mass and energy balance analysis indicates that the boiler heat efficiency of an industrial MSW incineration plant reaches 86.97% when MSW is dried by steam of 200°C. The boiler heat efficiency is sensitive to three important parameters, including the temperature of preheated MSW, the moisture percentage of dried MS Wand the fly ash percentage in the total ash.
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