Preparation of nickel nanoparticles for catalytic applications

Preparation of nickel nanoparticles for catalytic applications,10.1134/S0020168510121027,Inorganic Materials,Yu. G. Morozov,O. V. Belousova,M. V. Kuzn

Preparation of nickel nanoparticles for catalytic applications  
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Spherical oxidized nickel particles 15 to 200 nm in average size have been produced by a crucibleless aerosol method involving metal vapor condensation in an inert gas flow and oxidation processes. The particles have been characterized by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microanalysis, X-ray diffraction, BET surface area measurements, and vibrating-sample magnetometry. The process parameters have been optimized for the preparation of particles with tailored size, specific surface area, and saturation magnetization. A dc electric field applied to the condensation zone during the oxidation process reduces the size and increases the extent of oxidation of the particles. We have studied low-temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide and propane on nickel nanopowders differing in particle size and extent of oxidation. The nanoparticles with optimized characteristics have been shown to have a marked catalytic effect on these processes.
Journal: Inorganic Materials - INORG MATER-ENGL TR , vol. 47, no. 1, pp. 36-40, 2011
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