The Philosophical Foundations of Prescriptive Statements and Statistical Inference

The Philosophical Foundations of Prescriptive Statements and Statistical Inference,10.1007/s10648-011-9157-8,Educational Psychology Review,Shuyan Sun,

The Philosophical Foundations of Prescriptive Statements and Statistical Inference   (Citations: 1)
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From the perspectives of the philosophy of science and statistical inference, we discuss the challenges of making prescriptive statements in quantitative research articles. We first consider the prescriptive nature of educational research and argue that prescriptive statements are a necessity in educational research. The logic of deduction, abduction, and induction in philosophy of science are briefly reviewed, and the logic of prescriptive statement is specifically considered. The inductive nature of statistical inference is examined for both classical frequentist statistics and Bayesian statistics. To conclude our discussion, we recommend conducting replications and building “research programs” in educational research. We also make recommendations on what to write in the discussion section and what evidence is required to make an appropriate prescriptive statement.
Journal: Educational Psychology Review - EDUC PSYCHOL REV , vol. 23, no. 2, pp. 207-220, 2011
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    • ...Several of the articles address the different philosophical beliefs and traditions that underlie different research approaches, as in the essays by Nolen and Talbert (2011), Sun and Pan 2011, and Marley and Levin (2011)...
    • ...It is not merely a divide, I think, between those who gravitate toward quantitative and experimental methods on the one hand, versus those who prefer qualitative and descriptive methods on the other hand, as suggested in some of the papers in this special issue (e.g., Sun and Pan 2011; Marley and Levin 2011)...

    Steven R. Yussen. When is It Acceptable to Make Prescriptive Statements in Educational R...

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