Optimale Platzierung der Vorhofelektrode

Optimale Platzierung der Vorhofelektrode,10.1007/s00399-004-1109-2,Herzschrittmachertherapie Und Elektrophysiologie,Georg Heinrich von Knorre,Bruno Is

Optimale Platzierung der Vorhofelektrode   (Citations: 1)
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Summary Background Discussion of right atrial electrode position in dual chamber pacemaker therapy has electrophysiologic and hemodynamic aspects. While electrophysiologic aspects helped to develop several concepts of an electrophysiologically optimal atrial electrode position in atrial fibrillation preventing stimulation, the question for a hemodynamically optimal atrial electrode position is unanswered. Aim and methods Known facts (our own results and findings from the literature) concerning hemodynamic consequences of different atrial electrode positions are discussed. Results Compared with sinus rhythm, routinely used auricular or lateral atrial electrode positions in dual chamber pacemaker therapy cause a delayed left atrial depolarization und contraction. This electrical and mechanical delay is significantly shortened by right atrial septal pacing. Despite this, effects on cardiac output by atrial electrode position are less convincing. Conclusions While electrode position causing interindividual differences in interatrial relations have to be taken into consideration in hemodynamically individual pacemaker programming, a hemodynamically optimal right atrial electrode position with actual and additional hemodynamic consequences does not exist.
Journal: Herzschrittmachertherapie Und Elektrophysiologie , vol. 15, pp. i61-i66, 2004
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