Extragalactic science with the FRESNEL imager

Extragalactic science with the FRESNEL imager,10.1007/s10686-010-9206-1,Experimental Astronomy,Roser Pelló,Alexandre Maizy,Johan Richard

Extragalactic science with the FRESNEL imager   (Citations: 1)
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The space Fresnel Interferometric Imager, originally proposed to the ESA Cosmic Vision plan, is an innovative concept providing enhanced capabilities in terms of spatial resolution and dynamical range. In this paper we describe some of the most promising applications of the Fresnel Interferometric Imager concept in extragalactic studies. There are two different topics where the FII could make major progress. The first one is the mapping of star-formation in galaxies, from the local universe to ∼75–85% look back time, based on the first version of FII which is optimized for the UV and optical domains. The second topic is a test case for a subsequent improved version of FII, with a larger collecting area and optimized for the near-IR, focusing on the physical properties of the first galaxies.
Journal: Experimental Astronomy - EXP ASTRON , vol. 30, no. 2, pp. 195-204, 2011
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