Assessing the regional disparities in geoengineering impacts

Assessing the regional disparities in geoengineering impacts,10.1029/2010GL044447,Geophysical Research Letters,Peter J. Irvine,Andy Ridgwell,Daniel J.

Assessing the regional disparities in geoengineering impacts   (Citations: 3)
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Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Geoengineering may ameliorate many consequences of global warming but also has the potential to drive regional climates outside the envelope of greenhouse-gas induced warming, creating ‘novel’ conditions, and could affect precipitation in some regions disproportionably. Here, using a fully coupled climate model we explore some new methodologies for assessing regional disparities in geoengineering impacts. Taking a 4 × CO2 climate and an idealized ‘sunshade’ SRM strategy, we consider different fractions of the maximum theoretical, 4 × CO2-cancelling global mean cooling. Whilst regional predictions in particularly relatively low resolution global climate models must be treated with caution, our simulations indicate that it might be possible to identify a level of SRM geoengineering capable of meeting multiple targets, such as maintaining a stable mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet and cooling global climate, but without reducing global precipitation below pre-industrial or exposing significant fractions of the Earth to ‘novel’ climate conditions.
Journal: Geophysical Research Letters - GEOPHYS RES LETT , vol. 37, no. 18, 2010
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