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Scaling of carbon erosion in Tore Supra

Scaling of carbon erosion in Tore Supra,10.1016/j.jnucmat.2010.11.066,Journal of Nuclear Materials,Y. Marandet,R. Dachicourt,P. Monier-Garbet,E. Tsitr

Scaling of carbon erosion in Tore Supra  
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Y. Marandet, R. Dachicourt, P. Monier-Garbet, E. Tsitrone, D. Reiter, P. Börner, A. Beauté, E. Delchambre, P. Genesio, M. Naiim-Habib, J. P. Gunn, M. Kubic
The scaling law for carbon erosion in Tore Supra previously established by Hogan et al. [1] (ΦC(C/s)=5×1020Pcond (MW), where Pcond is the conducted power) is revisited both from the experimental and the modelling point of view. New developments with the EIRENE code, that allow relating measured CII emission intensities to the total amount of carbon sputtered from the Toroidal Pumped Limiter, are presented. Recent measurements carried out at high input power show a good agreement with the database used to establish the scaling law.
Journal: Journal of Nuclear Materials - J NUCL MATER , vol. 415, no. 1, pp. S157-S160, 2011
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