Assessment of edge modeling in support of ITER

Assessment of edge modeling in support of ITER,10.1016/j.jnucmat.2011.02.020,Journal of Nuclear Materials,M. Wischmeier,M. Groth,S. Wiesen,S. Potzel,L

Assessment of edge modeling in support of ITER  
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Multi-fluid plasma edge code packages, usually coupled to Monte-Carlo transport codes for neutrals are in wide use in the fusion community to simulate the SOL and divertor. A status of the current code validation effort is presented using experimental data of Ohmic and L-mode discharges from ASDEX Upgrade for He in forward toroidal field, BT, only and for D fueled in forward and reversed BT in lower single null configurations. While satisfactory agreement between simulated and experimental data can be obtained for both divertors as long as one of the two divertors is not strongly recombining, the qualitative behavior as a function of line averaged density cannot be recovered in the simulations for higher recycling regimes. This holds independently of field direction or fueling species. Semi-empirical models and thus far not included physics models are discussed.
Journal: Journal of Nuclear Materials - J NUCL MATER , vol. 415, no. 1, pp. S523-S529, 2011
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