Laser directed deposition of silver thin films

Laser directed deposition of silver thin films,10.1016/j.tsf.2011.01.108,Thin Solid Films,R. Deng,J. Li,H. K. Kang,H. J. Zhang,C. C. Wong

Laser directed deposition of silver thin films   (Citations: 1)
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We present a photochemical method for the laser directed deposition of silver thin films, through the illumination of a low power laser in a solution containing citrate and silver ions. With this method silver can be laser-directed to be deposited on a number of surfaces, such as metals, semiconductors, polymers and composites. In this study, we investigate the effects of applied light dosage (time variation) and chemical concentration of a precursor on the thin film deposits to support a proposed mechanism on the nucleation and growth of such Ag films and to outline the different conditions under which surface nucleation will be favoured. With this method, Ag can be selectively deposited by low power laser and has the potential to form maskless direct-write metallic periodic patterns via optical interference.
Journal: Thin Solid Films , vol. 519, no. 15, pp. 5183-5187, 2011
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