Getter films with a reactive component

Getter films with a reactive component,10.1016/j.vacuum.2010.11.011,Vacuum,K. Chuntonov,A. Ivanov,D. Permikin

Getter films with a reactive component  
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AbstractNumerical solutions for the sorption problem for the films of the solid solutions of the reactive metal under a constant pressure P of the sorbed gas have been found. These solutions depend on the value of the kinetic coefficient H, which is proportional to gas pressure P. According to the found dependence the relative sorption capacity S of the getter film is the larger the smaller is pressure P, and this relation between the values S and P is due to the concentration changes taking place in the getter material during the diffusion of the reactive component to the film surface. The practical importance of the dependence of S on P is obvious: it serves the basis for a new method of increasing the efficiency of the getter materials and increasing the life span of vacuum devices by controlling the value P.
Journal: Vacuum , vol. 85, no. 7, pp. 755-760, 2011
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