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Selective C–H oxidation catalyzed by metalloporphyrins

Selective C–H oxidation catalyzed by metalloporphyrins,10.1016/j.ccr.2011.06.026,Coordination Chemistry Reviews,Miquel Costas

Selective C–H oxidation catalyzed by metalloporphyrins  
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Selective oxidation of saturated C–H bonds remains a challenge in modern chemistry. The inert nature of such bonds requires the use of highly reactive reagents, and this poses major challenges in terms of chemo, regio and stereoselectivity. Metalloporphyrins based in iron, manganese and ruthenium constitute a unique family of catalysts capable of generating these highly reactive, but at the same time highly selective oxidants, thus exquisitely mediating selective oxidations of C–H bonds. The mechanisms underlying these reactions are collected and discussed in the present work. Recent advances in the application of these catalysts in the oxidation of complex organic molecules are also reviewed.
Journal: Coordination Chemistry Reviews - COORD CHEM REV , vol. 255, no. 23, pp. 2912-2932, 2011
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